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College Prep Planner

College Prep Planner

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2024 College Planner

Your trusted companion on the journey to higher education and a brighter future. 

Having been through it ourselves, we know that the path to college can be stressful! 

That’s why we’ve crafted this college pre planner to help high school students stay organized and successfully navigate the college admissions process without any of the typical stress or anxiety that comes with it. 

College Planning Monthly Roadmap

At the heart of this planner is a comprehensive Monthly Roadmap tailored to all grade levels 9-12. 

Whether you’re a freshman just beginning your high school journey, a sophomore catching your stride, a junior starting to plan college visits, or a senior about to apply, this roadmap offers a clear path for your academic and college preparation goals. 

Our planner will provide you with a step-by-step guide on what to focus on each month, ensuring that you’re always on track and making the most of your time in high school. 

2024 Scholarship Calendar

To help you on your quest for financial support, we’ve also included a dedicated Scholarship Calendar. This calendar is your gateway to a wealth of scholarship opportunities. We share the application deadlines and eligibility criteria, empowering you to seize the financial resources you need to make your college dreams a reality. 

Personal Development Resources

In addition to academic and financial planning, your personal growth is equally important. Inside this planner, you’ll discover thought-provoking prompts designed to encourage introspection, goal setting, and personal development.

These prompts will challenge you to reflect on your journey, passions, and dreams. By engaging with these prompts consistently, you’ll not only stay on track but also deepen your understanding of yourself, fostering self-awareness and resilience. 

With our College Prep Planner, you’ll always know what’s coming up next, helping you manage your time effectively and reduce stress. This planner isn’t just a book; it’s a tool to help you unlock your potential, set ambitious goals, and navigate the college application process with confidence. 

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